Health Freak - Blank Slate

I’ve spent a about a week or so listening to the two track debut EP from New Zealand’s Health Freak with hopes of being able to fully wrap my head around his music. Upon my first listen, it was clear that this up and coming electronic musician moved in his own unique way, one that you’d be hard pressed to find these days, and as I heard more that first impression really started to stick. Despite there only being two tracks on this mini release, both of them have a way of immersing listeners in a hypnotic, reverberating, bass heavy atmosphere that’s riddled with emotion and a hint of vibrant delicacy.  These songs have a way of nestling themselves inside your head and they beg to be repeated. New material is on the way from Health Freak but until then, you can grab this release by visiting him over on bandcamp. 

Health Freak - Blank Slate Download Gold